The Magyartuning PVZ-Carbon Fiber CLK is a 2014 race car, a tuned version of the German Mercedes CLK. It is 566hp.


Hence to it's name, it is a PVZ sponsored car with a Peashooter and a Sunflower painted on it. It has zig-zags under the carbon fiber. It is avaiable in the European and Australian version of Hetty Race 2. It is one of MrMacska's favourite cars, hence to it's cornering and top speed.It's also simple-to-master. It's COST is 1.000.000 in HR2 (Europe only) and 1.222.344 (Australia)

Paint JobEdit

Black with PVZ logo

Is it Paintable?Edit


Games it appearEdit

Hetty Race 2 Hetty Race 3 Hetty Race 3 Prolouge Hetty Race Concept Tokyo-Genova

Games release dateEdit

2014, 2015, 2015, 2006

Awarder for winning...Edit

Bird NASCAR Championship

Special Events used in...Edit

German Showdown, Italy vs. Germany, German NASCAR Debuts, PVZ Sponsored Tournament

Typical in RacesEdit

German Racing Germany Champ Germany All-Stars


The races where it is typical all has the word "Germany" in their name. This is a custom-made car.

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