What, did I forget to wipe my mud flaps?

Fun Facts

  • Transports Lightning McQueen from race to race
  • Carries Lightning's racing gear
  • Can be a bit of a worrier at times

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Mack began as a delivery truck, hauling crates cross-country. He was good friends with Gray, who was able to get him a Piston Cup job as a team hauler. In 2005, Mack was assigned his racer and team - Rust-eze Racing, with the spoiled and self-centered Lightning McQueen. Although McQueen didn't treat him that well, Mack was still loyal and kind-hearted to him. In 2006, Mack and the new McQueen are very good friends and are still working together in the Piston Cup. Mack has now proven himself to be a little easy to distract, as he fell asleep on the highway carrying McQueen's racing gear, which was stolen by a group of tuner cars under command of Chick Hicks. By 2011, Mack is still working at the Piston Cup, continuing his occupation as Lightning's team hauler.


Mack is loyal and kind-hearted, even to cars who are a little mean to him. He is also easily distracted, as proven on the Interstate 40, twice.


Mack is based off of a 1980 Mack Super-Liner semi cab, with a compatible trailer.


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