How 'bout something to drink?

Fun Facts

  • Owner of Flo's V8 Cafe
  • Was a showgirl before coming to Radiator Springs
  • Is married to Ramone

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Flo first arrived in Radiator Springs as a touring Motorama girl. She was headed west with a transport of models when her chaperone blew her transmission just outside of town. Flo and the other Motorama girls spent an unforgettable weekend in Radiator Springs; new tires from Luigi, souvenirs from Lizzie, and a new paint job from Ramone. But when it came time to paint Flo, Ramone threw down his airbrush. Not because he was too good to paint her, but because she was too good to paint. The next day when the girls left, Flo stayed. She and Ramone have been together ever since.


Flo is nice and kind, but can sometimes be a little sassy.


Flo is simply based on a Motorama Show Girl.

She is modeled after a 1957 Motorama show car.

Her license plate reads "SHO GRL", hinting the fact that she was a show girl before she came to Radiator Springs.


Flo is painted light green, with cream stripes on her sides and long fins on her rear.


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