The Bird NASCAR Championship is an Extreme difficulty championship in all of the Hetty Race games, with the exception of Hetty Race 1.

Description (HR2) Edit

Push your NASCAR to the max in this challenge aimed for expert drivers.

Description (HR3) Edit

Become the King of Bird NASCAR Championship in this 7-race series.

Description (HR4) Edit

Use drafting and slipstreams to win this challenge solely for Bird NASCAR cars. The AI may be aggressive.

Description (HR5) Edit

This big challenge was created for Bird NASCAR cars. Because all cars have the same engine, you will need to draft if you want to win.

Typical Opponents Edit

The typical opponents are mostly Bird NASCAR cars from years 2012-2016.

Prize Car (HR2) Edit

2012 KUBU FVT F6 Typhoon Bluey '12

Prize Car (HR3)Edit

2014 My Singing Monsters Toyota Camry Carlos '14

Prize Car (HR3)Edit

Trivia Edit

The awarded prize cars in this event are all the winners of the Bird NASCAR Championship.

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